A Fresh Start….



Just as autumn rolls in, the leaves changes and the weather cools (even if only a few degrees if you live in the South like me!), there are seasons in our lives that change. Even in the last few months, we can easily see how our spiritual growth has been called upon to change, our patience has been tested, our marriages maturing, and our mothering being challenged to flourish instead of fall flat!

I’m so grateful for seasons that change, develop and mature us. I’m thankful for the patient process that God promotes in us as we embrace the fullness of who He created us to be…..without apology. I feel like, finally, in Autumn 2016, I’m ready. Ready to go forth and feel the delicate newness that God promises if we wait on Him to bring forth our fruit in due season. Ready to see the fruit that results from seeds sown, watered and waiting on His increase. Excited to be ALL of me, with colored hair, piercings, a loud laugh and reckless shoes, and not apologize for being a special flower of my Father’s garden.

Now a more settled wife, a mother of four who is morphing day by day, and a mom-prenuer who learns to stand on her own feet while being part of a dynamic duo, Christina is feeling the change in her season. I decided to start The Momathon Diaries afresh…. symbolic of the maturity and lessons learned that I have experienced over the last few years.


I promise you…. This sunrise into a sense of newness has not come without its challenges. Tackling the hurdles of postpartum depression, feeling purposeless, and passionless…. Struggling with self-image, what is acceptable as a Pastor’s wife and what isn’t, realizing how exhausting conforming is, and getting tired of it…. All of this wears on a woman’s soul after a while, and you can feel the gentle tug of the SONlight calling you back into it, ready to restore your beauty into whatever shape He desires.


I can recall blogging with honesty before….and perhaps I am too candid, but some others told me that my much was too much. Well, those are my truths, and they will continue to be just that!

I hope that you’re ready to join me for the Momathon race. I hope you’re ready to visualize the realness that I can’t help but bring now. I’m excited about the dynamic ladies that God has brought to me that I pray will inspire your race.

I’m hopeful of the dreams that will be reignited because you visit this site. I’m prayerful for the God of our salvation teaching you that there is NO box when it comes to HIS capabilities. I’m inspired by your stories and perspiring hard to make our destinies seem attainable again. Here’s to visualizing glory, being astounded by possibility and being energized by tomorrow’s potential.

Welcome to Running a Momathon.


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