When You’re Not Enough….

On any given day, I have no clue what I’m doing.

As a wife, mother, Pastor’s partner, homeschooling diva, and a bunch of other titles, I often wonder what qualifies as enough.

Have I spent enough time with my family? Quantity doesn’t equal quality, you know.

Is my house clean enough?? It IS a reflection of me and how I feel about my home.

Are my kids learning enough? After all, it’s up to me to send them to MIT at age 11.

Am I goal-driven enough? I know God said have faith, but I need WORKS too! Lord…. what work? What work do I do today?!

And then there is the nagging suspicion that I’ve signed up for TOO much…. and I’m not doing anything well! Just everything halfway.

The truth is on any given day, and at any moment, we can feel like WE as women, as servants, just are not ENOUGH. It goes without saying, however, that with so many new responsibilities and job titles on our plates, we as women, wives, and mothers are being pulled in so many different directions! On a daily basis, we are called to reassess our priorities and make sure our emotional and physical energy is not being spent frivolously. We look around and may see others blossoming in ways that we feel we should be, and have not reached our season yet. When is it MY turn, Lord? We may be so consumed with the taking care of family members, work duties and other obligations that by the time it’s “Me Time”, I need it to be BEDTIME! And yet again the sun rises and sets and we have not been all that we feel we could have been in that 24 hours….

On this Mom Monday, I want to exhort your, sister….

When you aren’t enough, GOD IS!

When your strength is limited, His strength is UNWAVERING and EVERLASTING! 

When your mind can wrap around it, His thoughts towards you are hopeful, gigantic and above what you imagine!

I’m at this place right now, where I have prayed that God would enlarge my territory and He has done exactly that! New doors are opening, so much so that now I have to pray about what is a God opportunity, and what is a distraction! Is this decision helping me to fulfill my destiny? Am I taking energy away from *what matters most* in order to fulfill a void that is temporary? Am I saying YES to people who are seasonal, while neglecting those who are my life partners? God, how do I do it all? It’s very likely you aren’t supposed to!

Seek God about what is enough in His eyes. What does God value as most important and am I passing that off in order to do what isn’t eternally profitable? Sometimes, we feel like we aren’t enough because we really are doing.too.much.

Let OUR prayer of the week be: God, with you all things are possible. Please show me what’s most important so that my work brings you eternal glory and I sow into those who are the most important in my life! I don’t want to be so preoccupied with everything that I actually do nothing! Help me prioritize! 

Sister, when you aren’t enough, remember that God is excellent at giving us wisdom and understanding to do what matters most!


Image result for james 1:5 memeSeek the Lord about your next move. It could be a forward movement, or it could very well be working the step you’re on in a better and more vivacious way! With God, YOU ARE ENOUGH!


Run Well.







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