Embracing the D.I.V.A. Life….


Woman. Wife. Mother. Sister. Friend. Student.

Businesswoman. Nurturer. Entrepreneur. Church Servant.

Homemaker. Teacher. Cheerleader.




If your fabulous, multi-tasking life fits into any of these descriptions, then RAM is for you!

Running A Momathon is all about the celebration of Christian womanhood and the revival of the Godly wife and the Diva Mom!

RAM embraces the mission of being God’s woman, full of

dazzling, inspirational, virtuous ambition

that affects her marriage, mothering and mission work!

Birthed from the trials of postpartum depression, being a mom of multiples and self-discovery, Chief Momathoner and Founder Christina Garrett now works to inspire wives and mothers to embrace their Freedom to be Fabulous in Christ and to embrace priority management, the beauty in each season and showing Jesus in a real and transparent way.


Pastor & Mrs. Garrett, Married 10 years, homeschoolers with four children

Bring the D.I.V.A. Mentality to your next event! 


In addition to seminars and workshops, Running A Momathon is about the journey to the finish line, and helping women create a life full of balance and purpose. The ultimate goal is to encourage mothers with young children through mentorship and resources to be the best they can, as well as encourage healthy living and self-cultivation.


Be sure to join us July 28-30, 2017 for the DIVA Revival!

Click below for

 Info & Tix for the DIVA Revival





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